Bigger and Better than Ever

If you’re reading this, you’re stumbling across our new and improved, yet not fully complete website version 2.0.

Just a few things for now, before we really get our voices rolling:

1. Congrats for viewing it before our official launch, and we apologize for its incompleteness.  It had to get up for some upcoming events, so at least it’s a little more than a skeleton.  Plus, our old site was too glitchy with it being flash-based and non-mobile device compatible.

2. For all our current clients (and for our future clients) – we’ve finally ordered new packaging and media to complement our new logo.  I am sure you’ll all appreciate the upgrade and beauty.  Fun new stuff to be delivered to you soon!

3.  Our Thanksgiving resolution (Who says they’re only for New Years?) is to have much more of a blog presence this year.  With a pretty lame blog 1.0, we know we have to step it up.  We want you to tell us when we’re not doing our job!

4. We’re encroaching upon our 2nd anniversary as a business – can you believe it?!  Keep following us on our blog and facebook for some exciting discounts and giveaways to be announced very soon!

5. Look how excited we are!!! (see below)



Much love,

Sara + Angelo

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    on December 1, 2012  15:14

    Que amazing se ven! Felizidades...xo

  • E.D.

    on November 27, 2012  16:31

    You guys are Awesome!!!!

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